Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why sugar and salt?

hello everyone, welcome to my blog...i'm a new comer in this blog world, however i love to share knowledge and experience with all of the proverb said 'two head is better than one'. why i choose sugar and salt? gula dan garam? because kehidupan kita ni ibarat gula dan garam.Without sugar the coffee that we drink, doesn't taste sweet, our meal without salt, doesn't taste yummy..that's life...there's up and down, the important thing is how we get up after we get down. Obstacles,challenge,a mess with frens or spouse is all like a recipies in life. like what we eat everyday, in one plate, got chicken, got vegies,got sambal etc...very rare one just eat only one kind of 'lauk'.
  Same goes wit our life, sometimes we feel happy, sad,moody,sensitive,hyperactive and its all depends on us, on how we control and manage our feeling.
 so guys, what do u think of  my fist post...? will share more after this...happy to hear from u all